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Kick back and relax? Don’t mind if we do. DHP has curated a number of ultra comfortable reclining chairs and loveseats that can give any couch or sofa a run for its money — and look fabulous while they do it.

The history of the recliner dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, when royal daybeds were notably popular. That design slowly evolved into a reclining chaise in the 1800s before eventually becoming a staple of the modern American living room around 1930. Fast forward to modern times, and it’s hard to imagine a movie night or Sunday game day without one.

There’s plenty of recliner styles to choose from, offering a range of swivel, rocker, glider, and electric massage movements. But we like to keep things simple — focusing on high quality craftsmanship, back support, and smooth movement. This makes them perfect for the living room or office, so you can always face the action without having to move any furniture around.