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We could all use a little more counter space in our kitchens, especially when you’re in the middle of cooking a big meal. But if a full kitchen renovation isn’t in your plans (or budget) don’t fret — we have some much simpler solutions. Not only do DHP’s kitchen islands and carts provide some much-needed functional utility inside smaller spaces, they also look great doing it with stylish designs that can incorporate wonderfully into any kitchen space or dining room.

Easy-to-install kitchen islands with elegant wood finishes and industrial cottage design touches are a home chef’s best friend — perfect for food prep, storage, cutting boards, and butcher blocks. But they’re just as useful for entertaining. Wipe things down and pull up a couple stools (and maybe a couple of wine glasses) for some relaxed gatherings in the kitchen.

Our kitchen carts and kitchen islands can also provide homes for appliances like toasters and microwaves, freeing up some valuable real estate elsewhere on your counters and inside cupboards. Our portable stainless steel kitchen carts on wheels give you extra movable storage space, and for all you cocktail lovers, they effortlessly double as a chic bar that can be brought to wherever the guests are. You can also use them for all kinds of rolling storage needs — from dinnerware to utensils, ingredients, cookbooks, and anything else you want to keep handy.