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Looking for the best metal or wooden futon frame? DHP’s well-constructed futon frames provide the perfect base for your new or pre-existing futon mattress. With a quick push or pull, these futon frames will transform into a full-size bed (not that much smaller than queen) so you can comfortably accommodate overnight guests — or treat yourself to a well-deserved midday nap.

From modern industrial designs with black studded side panels to more classic wooden styles with detailed touches and curved arm pieces, these futon frames can stand on their own as beautiful living room design elements — and they cost a fraction of the price you’d pay for a larger, more traditional couch.

For smaller rooms, our wall hugger futon sets are a great way to free up space, with low profile frames and compact dimensions that are ideal for condo + apartment design. The only thing you have to do is find a futon mattress in the style and color of your choice to complete the setup.