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Looking for the perfect dining chairs to complete your new (or pre-existing) dining table? First things first: let’s bust out that measuring tape. All your decisions will start with finding the right height relative to your table — and the golden rule, depending on who you ask, is to leave about 10-13 inches of clearance in between your dining chair seat and your dining tabletop, so you don’t feel too low or high when sitting down for a meal.

Your next biggest decision will be choosing the right material for your dining chairs. There’s no wrong answer, but a few things are worth considering. Upholstered and cushioned chairs are, obviously, a little more comfortable — and they also tend to lend a more formal vibe to the dining room. Conversely, industrial metal chair styles can help establish a more modern (or vintage!) element — and you don’t have to worry about staining any fabrics. Mid-century modern designs with molded seats, arms, and wooden legs are another popular option for their time-tested look and all-style versatility.

It’s really up to you. One of the most common misconceptions about dining chairs and dining room design in general is that your entire set needs to match. That’s just not the case. In fact, contrasting styles can provide some valuable depth, so don’t be afraid to mix things up. And if you don’t have room for an entire 5pc dining table? Don’t worry — DHP has you covered with plenty of styles designed to work in smaller spaces.