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Folding Guest Beds

For too long, the mere thought of a foldaway guest bed or roll out cot would conjure up bad memories of awful sleeps for so many of us. But thanks to these versatile designs from DHP, that’s no longer the case (about time!).

Our DHP collection of high quality, space-saving folding guest beds feature mattresses as comfortable as any permanent guest room setup — along with the added convenience of quick setup and storage, which is especially ideal for apartments and smaller homes with fewer bedrooms.

With a quick push or pull, these foldout designs are ready to accommodate your guests, made with high quality metal frames + incredibly comfortable mattresses that offer adequate back support and ideal firmness. Not too soft, not too stiff, and they won’t wear down to the coils the way those old school foldout beds used to. In fact, these fold away beds are so comfortable, we think you’ll be much more willing to give up your own bed to guests for a couple of nights!