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Hunting for sofas is an exciting — and sometimes challenging — adventure. Couches are, of course, a central piece of your living room, and you’ll want to make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy sitting on for years to come. The choice really depends on what kind of space you’re trying to create, and a smart balance of form and function is usually the best solution. DHP offers a great collection of well-made, highly versatile couches including sleeper, pull out, and reclining styles that can pull double duty as guest beds in small spaces or apartments.

Another tip to remember when thinking about sofa size: it’s not just the dimension of the couch itself — you’ll also want to plan for some buffer space on either side. A beautiful chesterfield or L-shaped leather sectional may look amazing in the showroom, but unless you have the square footage to accommodate it, it can make your living room look and feel very crowded, very fast. Try and plan for a few feet of space around the sides — and don’t push it all the way up against the wall unless you really have to.

Worried your new sofa won’t match up perfectly with the other furniture in your room? We suggest you focus more on size vs. looks. Contrasting styles and fabrics can work together wonderfully in the same space, so long as they’re relatively similar in terms of height — so if someone’s sitting in a recliner, they’re at the same eye-level as someone sitting on your couch.