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Shelving & Storage

Let us guess: you need some more storage space in your home? You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. Finding a home for everything in your house is one of the most common problems in interior design — but it can also be a great opportunity to inject a little bit of functional style into your space with these smart storage + shelving options from DHP.

Our easy-to-assemble & install storage units, shelves, and bookcases are great for getting organized and decluttering your space — whether that’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or a smaller closet space that’s in dire need of some tidying up.

Pro tip: if you’re working with a smaller space, try to avoid taking up valuable real estate with a heavy duty bookcase or solid wood corner unit that cuts off the room. Consider a sleeker ladder design or thin wall-hugging unit that maximizes the flow of your room. You might also want to consider glass tables with attached shelving to bring things off the floor.