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Canopy Beds

Whether you’re creating a modern oasis for your teenager or the ultimate princess fairytale theme for your little one, our kids canopy beds set a seriously stylish tone in the bedroom. These unique metal frames available in colors like white, gold, lilac and pewter create an instant focal point that can help establish theme and structure for the rest of the space.

Once you choose a twin or full size kids canopy bed they’ll love, the next big decision will be whether or not to adorn it with extra accessories such as a polyester canopy or string lights. The contemporary simplicity of an undressed canopy frame often makes an even bolder statement all on its own. But when it comes to kids rooms, you’ve got a great chance to customize it together using their own touches.

Given their unique dimensions, it’s important to pay close attention to your measurements before selecting canopy bed sets. You should ideally have around 8 inches or more of space in-between the top of the frame and your bedroom ceiling — though this is typically less of an issue with kids canopy beds, since their dimensions are usually a little lower in height.