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Looking to complete your space with the perfect dining room set or pub table? As the small space experts, DHP knows not everyone has room (or the need) for a long traditional dining table. Many homes are much better off with a smaller 3 piece set or pub-style bar top with a couple stools in order to maximize the space in your home.

Square and round bistro tables are often popular in apartments since they can work in some many different places. For placement, try selecting a spot in the room that will help you “anchor” the dining set — maybe centered in front of a wall or window, or below your favorite painting or large photo frame. You can also use area rugs to achieve a similar effect.

Another dining table tip to remember: don’t put it too close to the wall. Ideally, you should be able to leave approximately 40 inches of space in between, so you don’t feel trapped when seated. And while we’re on the topic of seating, remember that you don’t necessarily need a full set of 4-6 chairs. If you’re trying to decide, take the number of seats you’d usually require on a nightly basis and add 2 to account for future guests — and try using that number as a starting point.