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Kids Seating

Accent chairs are one of our favorite ways to inject character, charm, and comfort into kids bedrooms. But these chairs aren’t just a pretty face. Smartly designed with high quality wooden + metal frames, solid back support and comfy cushioning, DHP’s accent and swivel chairs can serve as the perfect story time nook for your child’s bedroom.

Since we’re talking about accent chairs for kids rooms, choosing easy-to-clean styles is a necessary reality. It’s usually smart to pick darker fabrics like gray and black, a textured pattern that can hide small stains, or leather style upholstery that can withstand plenty of wear and tear.
Remember: accent chairs are designed to stand out — so feel free to select a style or fabric that contrasts the other items in your room.

This could also be your opportunity to add a bold pop of color into your kid’s space, whether that’s yellow, teal, hot pink, or a warm neutral to liven up darker walls. You can also add a complementary ottoman to store away some of their spare blankets, books, or (let’s be realistic) favorite toys.