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Accent Tables

There’s no shortage of options out there when it comes to coffee tables and side stands. So where do you start? Farmhouse, mid-century, or modern? Narrow or round? Tall or low? It all depends. Many people instantly gravitate towards styles that match their other furniture in the bedroom or living room, while others are more concerned about adding some extra storage through drawers and shelves.

We suggest thinking about function first and foremost; make sure the size of the table is suited to your space, and if you’re trying to make things feel a little more open, a glass table might be the way to go. Narrow legged wood designs can help you achieve a similar effect, or you might want a side table with round edges to balance out a room full of straight lines.

Accent tables are a great compliment to sofas and chairs — but you’ll want to make sure their heights are somewhat compatible. If you’re looking for a good rule of thumb, try to select an accent table that’s within two inches of the height of your armrest. That will make it easy to grab and set down your drink, book and (if you’re anything like us) snack bowls without too much fuss.