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Dining Tables

Whether you’re trying to set up the perfect breakfast nook, something small in your condo, or a large extendable dining set that can accommodate all your special gatherings — the first thing you want to consider is how your new table will fit into the rest of your dining room.

Make sure to leave at least 30 inches of clearance on all sides so people can move with ease and pull their chairs out without bumping into walls. For medium-sized dining tables, you can also swap out the chairs on one side for a wooden bench to establish a more intimate vibe. And if you’re living in an apartment or don’t have room for a full-size dining table, consider a small high top or square pub table that draws the eye upwards vs. long and low — this will also help you maximize space and placement options.

One last reminder: you should always weigh the pros and cons of certain colors, materials, and finishes. Glass dinette sets and sleek modern white tables may look amazing, but they do a terrible job hiding the (inevitable) food marks and spills that happen throughout the week. Faux-wooden styles with laminate finishes make cleaning much easier and can still fit naturally within rustic farmhouse interiors.