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Unless you’re one of the rare homeowners who’s lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom footprint, finding the right bathroom storage solutions can require a little bit of creativity. But with our DHP collection of vanities and storage cabinets, you can quickly declutter your space and open up lots of possibilities for modern fixtures, accent lighting, decorations and more.

Properly utilizing your wall space can make all the difference. The versatility of a mirrored medicine cabinet near your sink or above your toilet (or bidet) is always nice to have. But there are some simpler fixes to consider, too. Adding a series of small shelves can quickly multiply your storage options, and you don’t always have to hide your toiletries; try using some nice glass jars for bulk storage of items like q-tips — the same way you would store dry pasta and legumes in your kitchen. Shower caddies are another great storage hack if you’re low on cabinet space.

If you’re looking to embark on some more serious bathroom renovations, revisiting your bathtub situation is a good place to start. Unless you really love a good soak, converting to a space-saving shower setup can really open up the space — and with a little luck, you won’t have to reroute any of your plumbing.

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