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Futons have exploded in popularity in recent years due to significant improvements in quality, style, upholstery, and of course their valuable versatility inside smaller living spaces.

Our DHP collections prove that a futon couch can absolutely be as stylish and comfortable as their more traditional counterparts, while also providing some dual-purpose function in rooms where space is at a premium. Looking for a little extra storage? A chic apartment-friendly sectional futon with hidden compartments can free up some space. And if your place doesn’t have enough room for a queen size guest mattress (join the club), these easy reclinable futons are a life-saver for quick sleeping setups. For an added level of flexibility, some of our futons actually feature dual-frame designs that allow for one half to recline while the other stays upright — so two people can get comfy however they want.

Aesthetically, you’ve got lots of options — everything from faux leather to sleek black and wooden accents. Whatever you like, just remember to double-check your room’s measurements to ensure comfortable traffic flow — and don’t forget to measure your sofa’s height relative to your side + coffee tables (you’ll thank us when the snacks come out).