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Accent chairs are one of our favorite ways to inject character, charm, and comfort into any living room or bedroom. But these seats are more than just a pretty face. Designed with durable wooden + metal frames, plump cushioning and solid back support, DHP’s accent chair designs are almost too easy to sink into while you watch a movie.

If you plan on using your accent chair as primary seating, you might want to opt for darker fabrics like gray & black, a textured pattern, or leather style upholstery that can withstand a little extra wear & tear. But you can also use this as your opportunity to add a bold pop of color into your space — whether that’s green, teal, hot pink, or a strong light neutral to liven up darker walls.

As the name implies, an accent chair is designed to stand out — so don’t be afraid to choose a style, fabric, or design that contrasts the other pieces in your room. For example, a sleek industrial look or smooth velvet design might feel right at home alongside farmhouse pieces; and a tufted mid-century chair could add a little coziness to an otherwise ultra-modern setup. It’s all about layering the styles on top of each other — so long as you don’t have too many looks clashing together in the same space.