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We’re sure your kids have lots of their own ideas about what their bedroom should look like (and you should definitely let them help out!) but we’ve got a few suggestions for parents to keep in mind. As tempting as it is to fill their space with all kinds of fun furniture, a packed bookshelf, and big play sets — it’s much smarter to choose styles that can grow up with your child.

When it comes to paint colors for your child’s bedroom, many parents default to traditional blues and pinks — but we suggest applying the same grown-up design principles in your kid’s space, leaning towards calming neutrals and soft, cheerful palettes that help set a positive and inviting tone.

You can always add playful pops of color via other furniture pieces like their desk table, dresser, or chairs. Plus, by choosing a more mature tone, you’re less likely to have to repaint the room a few years later — though we’d never stop you from letting your little boys or girls choose their favorite color. It’s also fun to incorporate their own artwork into the room; have them pick out a few of their favorite drawings and get them properly framed to celebrate and encourage their creativity!

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