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It’s been estimated that people spend over 25 years of their life in bed (and another 7 just trying to fall asleep!) so there’s plenty of incentive to find one you’ll look forward to at the end of each day.

We’ve got you covered like a duvet. DHP offers a beautiful and affordable range of beds and platform frames in king, queen, full-size and twin options that will work with almost any box spring or mattress. All our beds are carefully made with high quality metal, wooden, and upholstered materials for ultimate support — including storage-boosting options and a gorgeous collection of canopy bed designs that will make your room look like it came straight out of a Pinterest board. For guest sleeping, take a closer look at our daybeds, trundles, and premium futons, which are perfect for homes + apartments without a dedicated guest bedroom.

Looking for your child’s room? The perfect kids bed might be one of our sturdy metal bunk frames featuring a twin mattress overtop a foldable futon — great for sleepovers and convertible play space during the daytime. Plus, there’s just something indescribable about bunks that always seems to attract kids to this style!