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Home updates often come with a hefty price tag, but don’t despair, there are plenty of simple and affordable decorating ideas to bring Summer into your home without tearing down any walls.  Here are 5 simple ideas to try: 

Idea 1:  Pick a bright and punchy color to repaint an accent wall. 

This is an easy way to update the look of your home and give it new energy. Just paint one wall, you don’t have to tackle all the walls. 

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Idea 2: Rotate your bedding and pillows according to the season, just like we do with our wardrobe.

Bold colors, prints, florals and pastels are perfect for the warmer seasons.

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Idea 3: Bring the outdoor indoor with fresh flowers and fruits.

This is an easy way to add a natural burst of colors is decorating with flowers and fruits. Try a DIY fruits & flowers arrangement. You’ll begin to notice how much more cheerful the home is. 


Photo credit: (left) and Better Homes & Gardens (right)  

Idea 4: Get
rid of clutter Sort all your “Stuff” into piles.

This is the time to donate any unwanted items that are simply collecting dust.

  Photo credit: Pretty Handy Girl

Idea 5: Add a rug!

A statement rug can change the look of your entire room. This is great for rental apartments that don’t allow renters to paint the walls. Your landlord can’t say anything about that!


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Try these easy updates to add a little sunshine to your home and improve your mood.

Happy Summer from everyone at DHP!

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With so many great home fashion trends, it’s hard to resist the urge to change the look of your living room.

Re-styling a room can be both refreshing and uplifting on your mood.  A nifty way to do this is by using modular furniture.  Gone are the days when a couch, bed, table, chair served only one purpose.

To create a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere that makes sense in any space, there are 4 factors that should be addressed: flow, accessibility, balance, and comfort.

We’ve designed sofa modules that you can twist and turn to create setups that suit your style of living. 

Have fun with your room décor and don’t be afraid to reinvent your look!

If there are any particular topics you’d like us to cover, please feel free to leave your comments. We'd love to hear from you.

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Bigger isn’t always better! With real estate prices going higher and higher and apartment sizes getting smaller by day, sometimes you have to forego square footage for location. Those living in New York and San Francisco are familiar with this.

Consequently, interior designers have sought out sleek and multi-purpose furniture that give an open and airy feeling while being a fully functional living space.

Trending pieces such as futons, storage ottomans, armless furniture, sky high book shelves, loft beds are key to making your studio apartment or college dorm a liveable and inviting place.

Pops of bold colors and patterns

Pops of bold colors and patterns can really liven up a monochromatic room and make a statement. A few ways to put this trend into practice are by adding colorful pillows & throws, a DIY painted piece of furniture in a bold color, and curated book shelves. Years back, beige was the popular wall color. Now it’s all about adding an accent wall or painting your entire walls in bright colors.

We see a lot of patterns inspired from Moroccan flare, animal print, word art, Greek key, floral, houndstooth, chevron, polka dots, in interior designs. Patterns are a great way to add some character and style to your home décor.

Mixing & Matching

The trend recently is to mix and match furniture, colors, and styles. We’re seeing a lot of mismatching pieces (different chairs), multi colored rooms, mix of modern and antique pieces, and a mix of high priced items (sparkling embellishments, fine art) and low items. There are no rules. Not only adds personality but offers conversation pieces.

Getting more for less!

We love finding pretty things, but we love it even more when we find pretty things at a fraction of the cost!

Why pay more for something you can get for less? Even home fashion magazines and retailers have been putting more emphasis on how to re-create the look for less. You can count on DHP to help you in that area!

This year, the colors that will be apparent will be colors that you can find equally at home in Winter as in Summer.

There will be lots of pastels, texture mixing, brass, antique. Graphic black and white, monochromatic decorating that come together to create a looks that’s streamlined and elegant, pops of pink, floral patterns, and sheer & lacy white.

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