You're An Adult, Now What?

Posted on: 6/10/2019

The day has come, you’ve done it! You’ve survived procrastination-fueled all nighters and stress-filled days of refreshing your internet tab to see if your professor submitted your grade. Diploma in hand, you can now use your hard-earned skills to prepare your budget instead of computing the minimum grade you need on your final exam. Let us guide you through a few tips on how to make the most out of your decorating experience.

  1. Be Smart with Your Furniture

When you move into a new place, there are two essentials that you have to get right: your bed and your sofa. Typically, you would go into a panic on how big a dent it’s going to make on your credit card balance, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Comfort and style can also be cost-efficient, but most of all, furniture shopping can be fun! With your first apartment, the second biggest concern is usually space. Somehow you went from “having nothing to wear” to having so much clothes that can’t seem to fit anywhere! Well, we’ve got news for you; there exists furniture that is trendy, functional and won’t force you to start a diet that restricts you to eating ramen noodles and saltine crackers for the next few months.


The Novogratz Her Majesty Bed provides the statement piece for your bedroom that won’t break the bank. Available in multiple sizes, it is offered in gray, pink, blue and light green linen.

Novogratz Her Majesty Bed


Tight on space? The DHP Noah Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage is the perfect compact solution that just keeps surprising you. It features a large storage space under the chaise and a pull-out twin size bed. Available in gray velvet, dark blue velvet, green velvet, black faux leather and camel faux leather.

DHP Noah Sectional Sofa Bed with Storage

Have a little more living room space? Why not opt for a futon with the extremely functional DHP Presley Storage Sectional Futon which includes convenient storage space. Available in dark gray chenille, black chenille, ivory chenille and green velvet.


DHP Presley Storage Sectional Futon and Ottoman

Combine with the DHP Presley Storage Ottoman to not only have more storage but also convert the futon into a Queen size bed. Yes, you read that correctly, a queen size bed in your living room! Talk about the dream spot to watch a movie and cuddle with your dog. Or, if you’re feeling social, invite some friends over.

2.       Your Walls are Your New Best Friend

Add a touch of your personality to your home while being smart about optimizing your space. Simple and right on trend, a great way to maximize your organization is to create your own DIY wood shelves. We promise: ask any of your friends and they have pictures just like these in the “Home DIY” board on Pinterest. For kitchen storage or plants, all you need are a couple slats of wood, some paint stain and a handy friend to help you out. If you are slightly plant-obsessed like us, you can go for a botanical garden “I live in the jungle” look:

If you enjoy something more subtle and practical, you can opt for something like this:


And there you have it folks! Just a few tips and tricks to get you going as an official adult.

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