The words “Home is where the heart is” have never rang truer so create a home that inspires…

Posted on: 4/7/2020

During these last few challenging weeks, we have all come to realize that home is not merely a place where we rest our heads to sleep at night for 8 hours (or less!) or chow down on some Frosted Flakes before rushing out the door to beat the dreaded morning traffic and avoid being late for class or work. It is the place where we feel our safest, especially now, and where we are able to be our most authentic selves – plaid pajamas, fluffy slippers, messy hair and all! Home is where love literally resides and where we express our love to the ones dearest to us… even when they’re having the occasional temper tantrum or simply actin’ a fool! So isn’t it about time we redefine what home really means to us?

Home is… where I am the most productive

As telecommuting becomes the new norm, carve out a home office space that truly inspires your creativity to new depths. Whether you plan on writing the next great Shakespearean pièce de résistance or mastering those cringe-worthy spreadsheets (Oh boy!), a stunning computer desk, a stylish chair, or a striking storage unit can go a long way in transforming your mindset. Bring on those Zoom meetings!

Dorel Living Drafting and Craft Adjustable Desk

Home is… where I find serenity

For the longest time, haven’t you craved a little me time where you could focus in on your most inner thoughts while curled up near the fireplace or looking out the window to your beloved garden? Design a quiet nook where you can cozily sit next to your treasured books and self-reflect while catching up on some Hemingway (or the latest trashy romance novel – no judgment!). Hello Zen, where have you been all my life?

Dorel Living Reva Accent Chair, Gray Strip

Dorel Living Moriah Geometric Bookcase Étagère

Home is… where my kids learn the most important lessons

Seems like our perfect little angels are home bound for the moment (no hint of sarcasm here!). While school might not be in session, that doesn’t mean learning can’t be had. Whether your kids are 4 years old or 14 years old, teach them the value of education by providing them with a dedicated space where they can explore new subjects and ask insightful questions, all the while being in a fun, playful, and nurturing environment.

DHP Miles MetalFull Loft Bed with Desk, Black

Baby Relax Hunter 3-PC Kiddy Table & Chair Set, White

Home is… where I feel the most comfortable

Wasn’t there ever a time when you stayed at a hotel and thought, “Geez, I really miss my bed!”? You know the old adage, “there is no place like home.” Well, that’s because our home is a refuge from a sometimes messy and disorganized world. Simplify your life by cultivating a de-cluttered space that sparks joy with comfort-driven multifunctional pieces that double up as storage. Spring cleaning never felt and looked so good!

DHP Rose Upholstered Bed with Storage

Home is… where I share the best meals

Remember being a kid when your Nana cooked the most epic meal for you and your family? There is still no restaurant in the world that can replicate that meal’s mouth-watering flavor or the feeling you got from laughing around that dinner table. Food cooked with love is love, so dust off your old recipe book and make space to cook up a storm and serve up your finest dishes! Trust us, your loved ones will never forget.

Dorel Living Kelsey Kitchen Island with 2 Stools

DHP Fusion Square Dining Table and Chairs

In the end, home is what you make of it. Let your imagination set free and share your home spaces with us @dhpfurniture!

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