A Guide to Being the Best Thanksgiving Host Ever.

Posted on: 11/5/2018

A Guide to Being the Best Thanksgiving Host Ever.

Tis’ the season for full hearts and even fuller bellies. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we certainly have lots to be thankful for this year. From family gatherings, pumpkin pies and football games, it certainly smells like Thanksgiving season!

With that, comes the hosting madness! It’s time to call that uncle you see once a year, along with their 5 kids, 2 grandkids and dog, and invite them over for a festive feast! 

Here are a few tips that’ll make hosting go as smooth as those delicious mashed potatoes…

Back to Basics

            When things get overwhelming, go back to basics – food, drinks and entertainment!

Don’t get caught up cleaning that random room that nobody every uses, or decorating the second floor that nobody will step foot on. Instead, focus on the 3 main things that’ll impact your holiday party. Ask your guests of any food allergies, and have them give suggestions of alternative side dishes that they can eat. That will have them feel recognized and appreciated! For drinks, have a signature themed cocktail or punch, and have one of the guests be the “bartender of the hour”! And lastly, there is no simpler way to entertain everyone than playing an old school board game! Have a few guests bring in their fave game, nothing like catching granny cheating in a round of Rummy! 

I Heart Naptime 

Embrace the Chaos

With the love of hosting, comes at times, chaos in the kitchen. Embrace it! Enjoy the company of your guests as they sip their refreshments while waiting to enjoy that amazing festive meal. Pick pieces that will help you enjoy hosting family even more. The Parsons is simple yet diverse, and has the perfect shape to make your guests feel comfy all around the table! For those with limited space, push one side up against the wall for less kitchen traffic and more walkable space! Combine the fab table with our ultra-comfy and stylish Oliver Dining Chairs. These beauties will create a stylish statement and are extra sturdy to lay back on, especially after feeling full from the stuffed turkey!


Parsons Rectangular Dining Table 

Oliver Dining Chairs 


Mi Casa E Su Casa Mindset

After a delicious meal, nothing beats taking a minute, or a night, to recharge. Let your guests enjoy the coziness of your living room. Some may even take the liberty of dozing off or even sleeping over – you know we would! The elegant Novogratz Tallulah is the perfect multifunctional piece that can transition from futon to bed in a couple clicks. Extra sleeping space will never be an issue again!   

Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon 


This Thanksgiving, focus on what truly matters. Don’t stress over the little things, and enjoy family time! Happy Thanksgiving!




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