Big Plans for Small Homes. The Ultimate Guide to Small Space Living.

Posted on: 6/18/2018

Remember how you imagined what your first home would look like?  All of those Pinterest boards filled with millions of ideas of what to do. But when the time comes, all of those big plans don’t seem to fit through the 4 walls. We’ve all been there. Standing in the living room thinking if you can even fit a TV in, or maybe we can just binge-watch standing up. As small spaces are as common as ever, we’ve learned to embrace them.  Here’s an ultimate guide to small space living.

Declutter with some jack-of-all-trades kind of furniture

Don’t overcrowd a small space. Many have the mindset that smaller fits better, and tend to fill the room with many small pieces of furniture that serve for different purposes. Instead, don’t be afraid to pick up some stunning multifunctional pieces that will have a better impact while creating less visual clutter. 

The Hartford 

Meet the Hartford: The sofa that’s also a bed that’s also a storage piece. The Hartford breaks the notion of having to fill up small with small. The sectional sofa takes up a tad more floor space, but is a smart, all-in-one, statement piece for small spaces.


Think Vertically

When space is limited, go up!

Save on floor space wherever and however you can. Whether it’s a shoe rack, storage cabinets or even a bed, the concept of a suspended room is a clever floor-saver.

Junior Loft Bed

Sleep on top, store underneath with a loft bed.  Get creative with that extra space!


Let It Go

As obvious as it seems, keeping the living space tidy and letting go of stuff you no longer need will help free up and allow more breathing room. It takes a little bit of thought and determination, but developing a “when in doubt, throw it out” habit will make living in a small space a breeze. 

Don’t let the size of your space discourage you. Similar to our age, square foot is just a number anyway, isn’t it?


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