Office Chairs

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When you sit down at your office desk for a productive work session, you obviously want to feel comfortable — and that all starts with finding the right chair. DHP’s collection of modern and ergonomic office chairs, swivel seats, reclining and drafting chairs are designed to feel as good as they look, so you can focus on the task at hand.

When it comes to upholstery and fabrics for office chairs, you can really go in whatever direction you want. Keeping the chair clean should (in theory) be a little bit easier than in the kitchen or dining room. But hard-working leather executive style fabrics and darker patterns are always the best at hiding wear and tear. If multiple people in your house are going to be using the same desk, a chair with adjustable height controls should be one of your top priorities. That way, whether you’re tall or short, or if the kids are borrowing your space, everyone will be able to reach the computer keyboard.

Another pro tip: if you go with a rolling office chair in a room with hardwood floors, we definitely suggest investing in a simple protective mat to prevent scratch marks. Discrete transparent plastic designs are an affordable solution — or you could use this as another opportunity to inject some style into the workspace with a modern area rug that adds extra charm while keeping your floors protected.