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There’s a reason why we call it the “living room” — and it’s because so many of us spend a LOT of time in there. It’s also the space you’re most likely to show off to visitors, so let’s use it as an opportunity to showcase your own unique sense of style.

When it comes to colors, try mixing light and darks together to create some depth and contrast. They don’t have to be on the opposite ends of the rainbow contrasting neutrals like blue-gray, cream, and caramel can be just as impactful. Plus, you can always add some bright pops of color via accent pieces, artwork, and rugs.

In terms of furniture, DHP has everything you need to establish a functionally beautiful living room — from armchairs to coffee tables, cabinets and beyond. We always gravitate towards lighter pieces versus heavy oversized designs, since they’re easier to move around and swap out for any seasonal elements you want to bring in throughout the year.

But most importantly — don’t be afraid to get creative with your living room design! The rules are made to be broken, and feeling comfortable, cozy, and inspired never goes out of style.

Explore DHP Living Room Styles

Sofas & Sectionals — The right sofa will anchor your living room and provide years of comfort. Let’s find your match.

Futons — Looking to maximize space without sacrificing comfort? These contemporary futon styles are the answer.

Futon Frames — If you already have a futon mattress or want to upgrade your base, try out one of these frames.

Accent Chairs — Add some extra seating along with a bold pop of style.

Accent Tables — These eye-drawing fixtures are more than just a place to set your drink.

Ottomans & Benches — For discreet storage that serves a smart second purpose.

Recliners — Kick all the way back and relax in one of your ultra-comfortable reclining chairs.

Shelving & Storage — Master the art of organization with these cabinets, wall shelf, and storage units.